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When you need help with income tax returns in Boonsboro, MD, and Sharpsburg, MD, contact K&A Tax & Accounting. We handle payroll and business taxes, in addition to preparing and filing individual tax returns. Even if you only have a business idea, we can help get you started. If the IRS audits your business, members of our staff can help with that too. To find out how we can help with your tax and accounting needs, call us at (240) 591-8968 or contact us online.

Consider Making Charitable Contributions on Your Next Income Tax Return

Charitable contributions help lower your tax liabilities. As a Maryland taxpayer, you can designate a contribution on your return to be credited towards many locally-based charitable funds. The Chesapeake Bay and Endangered Species Fund contributes to pollution reduction throughout the six-state, 64,000-square-mile watershed. There are more charitable funds, including:

Developmental Disabilities Waiting List Equity Fund

The Developmental Disabilities Waiting List Equity Fund is a continuing, non-lapsing resource in the Maryland Department of Health. When individuals leave Maryland residential centers, the fund ensures they will continue receiving community-based services. After the help, the money will provide community-based services to waiting, eligible individuals the same community-based services.

Maryland Cancer Fund

The Maryland Cancer Fund provides grants for low-income Maryland citizens through various entities to pay for cancer screening, prevention, and prevention-awareness activities. You can direct these contributions as either an addition to the tax owed or a reduction of the refund due.

We Use Our Vast Resources to Help Our Clients

We use every available resource to ensure our clients receive the maximum tax allotted credits. At K&A Tax & Accounting, our individual tax preparations for clients in Boonsboro, MD, and Sharpsburg, MD, are thorough. Whether the credit applies to your federal, state, or local tax return, every little bit of tax help helps you. At the federal level, credits are categorized into:
  • Family and Dependent Credits
  • Income and Savings Credits
  • Homeowner Credits
  • Healthcare Credits
  • Education Credits

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