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For business and individual finance assistance in Martinsburg, WV, contact K&A Tax & Accounting. We help with business tax preparation and planning and individual taxes. Contact us online or call us at (240) 591-8968. The members of our financial services staff offer services like:

Four Steps to Take When Starting a New Business Anywhere in West Virginia

When you start a new business in West Virginia is an involved process. First of all, you must at least 18 years old. Secondly, you have to choose a legal business structure; sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, etc. Thirdly, you should reserve your business name in advance of registering your business with the state. This protects the name for 120 days.
Finally, you must register your new business with the state. If you are a veteran or a West Virginia-resident young entrepreneur, age 18 to 29, the registration fee may be waived. For help with these steps and getting your business established, contact the professionals at K&A Tax & Accounting.

Rely on Our Experience to Prepare and File Business Tax Returns

When your business needs professional tax return planning and preparation, K&A Tax & Accounting will use our experience to help. We know as a small business you might be tempted to prepare and file the tax returns yourself to save some money. That decision could cost you if you make a mistake. Business taxes can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Trust K&A Tax & Accounting to handle preparing quarterly income taxes and more. We help businesses strategize their tax plans for the year, and file their returns, including quarterly ones.

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