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Find professional tax return planning and preparation for businesses in Hagerstown, MD, and surrounding areas with K&A Tax & Accounting. Business taxes can be convoluted and difficult to handle. Trust K&A Tax & Accounting to handle preparing quarterly income taxes and more. We help businesses strategize their tax plans for the year, and file their returns, including quarterly ones. Contact us by phone at (240) 591-8968 or online. The accounting and tax services we provide include business tax return planning and preparation plus:

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Whether your business is small in size or medium, taxes are an involved process. With the exception of partnerships, the Internal Revenue Service requires all businesses to file an annual income tax return. Partnerships must file an information return. Usually, businesses must pay taxes on income, including self-employment tax, by making quarterly payments of estimated taxes. Some manufacturing and product-based companies also pay excise taxes. Companies with employees pay employee taxes.

We Help You with the Self Employment Tax

People who work for themselves pay Self Employment tax. Sole proprietors file a Schedule SE if their net earnings were $400 or more. Any paid church or a qualified church-controlled organization staff are subject to SE tax on $108.28 or more in wages. Exceptions include a minister or member of a religious order.
The SE tax only applies to those wage earners who elected an exemption from social security and Medicare taxes.

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The professionals at K&A Tax & Accounting gladly and eagerly serve clients in and around Hagerstown, MD. You can contact us Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment. Stop by our office on Maugans Avenue, Suite 102 to see how we can help you. The customer-base to whom we cater hails from:

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